I have never hired a Professional Investigator, What can I expect?

Professional investigators are experts is finding information using open sources. Investigators have no more authority than a private citizen however we know are licensed by the province of Alberta and authorized to make inquiries on your behalf. We are subject to the same laws you are, we cannot trespass on private property or compel people to cooperate with our investigation. We offer our clients an unbiased and professional point of view based on the parameters of the investigation. We cannot and will not participate in illegal activity.

What is included in your “Free Consultation”?

If you are interested in hiring a private investigator we will offer a telephone or video conference consultation (up to 45 minutes) to discuss your investigative needs. If you require an investigator to come to your site this will be billed at $75/hr If you wish to enter into a business relationship the initial consultation fees will be credited towards your final invoice.

Why does Blackhawk Protection use a @protonmail email address?

Unlike other mainstream email services Proton offers Zero-Access End-to-End Encryption. This means not even Proton staff can read the messages, unlike other email service providers.

Additionally Proton is based in Switzerland, under the protection of some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Their Swiss jurisdiction provides broad protections to users, including protection against warrantless surveillance and foreign governments that do not respect fundamental human rights.


What is the difference between active and passive surveillance?

Active surveillance refers to a scenarios where investigators are directly involved in the process. This could mean watching a subject, a location or a live video system. Passive surveillance involves the placement of various recording technologies to capture images, sound or video that will be reviewed at a later time.

What is the difference between periodic and persistent surveillance?

Periodic and Persistent are both considered active surveillance. Investigations typically use a combination of periodic and persistent techniques to achieve to the clients requested outcomes. Periodic Surveillance is used to determine a subjects schedule or whereabouts at specific times. Investigators will make frequent visits to a subjects known location to verify if they are or are not present at the given time. Persistent surveillance is a more resource intensive process where an investigator (or team of investigators) provide persistent observation of a subject detailing their actions, activities and travels.