Are you tired of paying out on questionable claims? Our team of investigators can help reduce fraudulent claims by verifying information and providing evidence to support your cases.

Child Custody

The well-being of your child is of the utmost importance to a parent. Our investigators can find the information you need for the courts to make an informed decision regarding the safety of your children.

Child Support

Courts rely on personal statements regarding income of past partners when setting support payments. Ensure your children are getting what they deserve from an absent parent.


Internal investigations can be difficult when bias exists. Our team of investigators can collect evidence and provide an unbiased report resolve internal concerns.


Is your partner “working late” again? Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Our investigators will discreetly gather evidence to determine if your partner is committing acts of infidelity against you.

Person Locates

Need to locate someone? Lost relatives, adoptive parents or children? Missing inheritance? Our investigators will track and trace your lost loved ones and arrange a reunion.

Professional Conduct

Professionals are trusted members of our community. Protect your profession by weeding out the bad apples. Our team of investigators can provide evidence in professional conduct cases.


Our team of professional investigators will help to obtain information in support of your case using a combination of techniques to meet your goals.